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H1b question on client info- plz help!

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  • H1b question on client info- plz help!

    thanks eveyone in advance for taking time to reply to my query

    I have got a job offer from a consultancy firm in US. My interview is in mid november in MUMBAI consulate. They have provided me with all required documents and also tax returns , photos,list of clients etc.

    Howver, they have not provided me with client and project info, as they say that an interview can only be setup once I land in US. what are my chances of getting the visa stamped. Do they ask for client and project info in mumbai consulate?
    What should be my next step?
    Please reply!
    Anjali Kumar

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    its better to have it

    Sometimes, consulate may ask about client information,project info,technology and your role. So its better to have some idea on likely what kind of project you are going to work and client info.

    When I attended interview, they asked me about all above evenafter my company is well known.


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      Thanks for the reply!
      was your a direct H1 or through compnay in india?
      Also, did you have those documents when they asked you about client and proejct?
      It will be really helpful if you share your experience

      Thanks a lot in advance


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        If in ur I129 its mentioned that ur company is a consulting firm then they may ask for client details


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          Possible answer


          Just say you will be working for the employer (your consultant) implementing projects for the clients. Get some names of clients from the employer there.

          They will ask you whether you will be working at the client's office or at your employer's office. If you say at the client's office, be prepared with the documents (Which in your case is impossible, I think) mentioning the schedule and type of work.

          Also they will ask about the stength of the company which you are going to join.

          I know you heard this before, but I will repeat "Always answer to the point". This helps.

          Best of luck.


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            I am also going to Mumbai Consulate in mid november.
            So when r u going.Can u tell me what is written in ur I129 under the type of busineess.
            Also pls tell me what r the documents that need to be submitted to VFS prior to the interview since i am going tommorow to give the documents

            I am also worried abt client and project info.However i have taken a letter from my employer saying that i will working at their office and not at the client side.


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              Original supporting documents before interview


              I have an interview scheduled for 1st week of Jan 06 with Mumbai Consulate. I am preparing the set of documents to be sent to the consulate prior to the interview. Can u guys please let me know if the supporting documents viz. the Form I-797, degree certificates, letters of employment etc in original, need to be included in the envelope that I'll send to the consulate or should we carry these directly only on the day of interview.

              I am asking becoz in the checklist of required documents that I downloaded from the vfs web site, they've mentioned that the envelope should include the supporting documents as per "Visa class".

              Sincerely awaiting your valuable opinions.