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H1 Transfer and India Travel

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  • H1 Transfer and India Travel


    I just received h1 approved petition based on I-140 from Company A. I need to travel outside US to India for 6 weeks (can't avoid) and hopefully will get my visa stamped from Company A.
    Company B wants to hire me for a full time position and has made an offer to me. I would need to let the comp B know by tomorrow if I'm going to accept the offer made or not and based on my response, B will initiate transfer process.
    NOTE : I haven't told comp B about the travel plan that is coming up in 2 weeks. I'm serious about this offer.

    1. Is it OK to tell comp B about my travel plan?
    2. What are the chances, comp B can hold the position until I come back after 6 weeks.
    3. What is the good time to initiate my transfer process? is it after i come back to US post travel with the Visa stamped from comp A? or initiate the transfer while I'm in India and get the stamping from comp B's approved petition?

    experts advice are welcome. This is URGENT.

    Thanks all in advance.