I am currently working via a desi consultancy - Employer A - they hold my H1B. I am on a contractual position for a client.
I got a full time job & have transferred my H1B to new employer - Employer B. It is in a different city & state.

Employer A - keeps 1 months salary in buffer. So if I resign this Friday he will still have 1 months salary with him which he will not give to me. So, can I do this-

This Friday I tell Employer A that client fired me & I need to search for new job. I can make getting fired happen from client.
From next Monday I start working for Employer B.

So for next 1 month I will be drawing salaries from both the employers.

Que 1) Can I do this?
Que 2) I have heard that the old Employer can never come to know if H1B is transferred. Like he cannot go to USCIS & know about my current employer, nor my status with him. Is it true?
Que 3) If not above, Is there any way I can get my hard earned salary from Employer A?