Hello. Bad day. I got terminated yesterday. I am an F1 Student with OPT Extension expired on July 2014. I got H1-B approved this year. My H1-B starts on Oct 1 2014. So i am on CAP GAP. I have 3 weeks of notice period. So Sept - 9th is when this notice period expires. After that what will be my status? I am going to request my employer not to revoke my H1-B. Until what time can he not revoke it? Any ideas on how to keep my status valid? What should be my next step? I am looking for jobs, but you all know getting one within 3 weeks is slightly ambitious, considering that I was terminated, no one will be that eager to hire me that quickly.
Also about the H1-B transfer. Since my H1 has not started yet how can one transfer. How should I proceed? Help. Thanks