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Spouse of H1B entering on B1B2

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  • Spouse of H1B entering on B1B2


    I hope someone will be able to help me. I am confused as to whether I should apply for an H4 visa or just keep my B1B2 visa. I am the captain of a yacht which at certain times of the year could visit US ports and waters and my wife has just received her H1B.

    I would obviously like to spend as much time with my wife in the USA as possible but do not want to stop working on foreign flagged vessels.
    My wife has just been granted a H1B visa and I work as a captain of a yacht. Will I still be able to enter the USA with the vessel as I have done in the past with my current B1B2 visa?
    If I applied for the H4 visa will I still be able to keep my position onboard the vessel even though it will at times return to USA ports and waters?
    Will I be able to apply for a H4 visa and still keep my B1B2 and when I enter the USA on business enter on the B1 otherwise on the H4 with no time restrictions?

    Your help and any clarity is much appreciated.

    Thank you