I worked for a MNC in India( company A) till June 2014 whose parent organization( company B) is in US. My Visa was filed last year
and got stamped on Dec 2013 valid till 2016 .My petitioner was company B . Post leaving company A , I joined another Indian IT company (company C) starting July 2014.

My onsite manager from Company B has reached out to me and now wants to hire me directly on their payrolls in USA with a higher salary and a senior role and is ready to provide sponsorship.

Please suggest if my Petition and H1B visa are still valid or do I need to go for fresh stamping and/or fresh petition or amendment of petition or amendment of LCA. The office location will remain same for me even with this new opportunity.

I am currently in India and have not yet traveled on H1B . .

Note:Also as per the current process followed by my previous employer in India (Company A), people who have got their H1B visa approved and
stamped with Petitioner as Company B need to resign from Company A and then join the US Organization (Company B).

Looking forward for help on this. Thanks.