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H1B Stamped Visa Revoked

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  • H1B Stamped Visa Revoked


    My company filed H1B visa for me in year 2012 for two years. My H1B visa was processed under premium processing and I had to travel US on Oct 2012 as it was on urgent basis. After two months of working in US at client site, suddenly I got a call from my company immigration that I need to report back to India as my stamped Visa has been revoked. I checked the USCIS immigration website with my case ID which reflected that an RFE was initiated against my visa to my petitioner (my company).

    To this my company immigration point of contact said that the RFE against my Visa was addressed to Petitioner(company) and was answered. This answer was not found satisfactory with US immigration officer and hence they rejected my case-Visa.

    I asked a written confirmation for my Visa rejection to which my company immigration point of contact said that "Petitioner (My Company) has chosen not to disclose the reason." I also checked with US immigration regarding the RFE against my Visa to which they said that they have already given it to my company and they are not authorized to disclose it otherwise. As the result I had to return bag and baggage.

    My question is that if in future I leave my company and my US Visa is filled from a different company, will this case hamper me getting a Visa?
    Because till today I don't know the reason of my Visa rejection.
    I have valid bank account details and SSN#.