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Change of status from h-4 to h-1B

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  • Change of status from h-4 to h-1B

    My initial change of status from L-2 to H-4 has been filed in mid June and which is not yet approved and is still in the initial review status. My L-2 I-94 was valid till end of July
    On the other hand my H-1B was filed as a consulate notification case in april and it got approved but is effective from 1st October.
    1). Do I need to leave the country and get the H-1B visa stamped and re-enter usa on h-1B visa?
    2). Is the Change of status possible from H-4 to H-1B without leaving the country ?(H-4 is not yet approved).


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    Change of status from h-4 to h-1B

    Yes, It is possible. You need to wait for your H4 COS to get approve first and then apply another COS to H1. You don't have to leave the country if you follow this route however If you leave the country, You need to go for the stamping for your intended status after your return.

    This is my opinion.