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2 H1 B- need help on the dilemma

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  • 2 H1 B- need help on the dilemma

    have the following situation:

    · 2 Employers filed for my H1 B visa this year- ABC and company XYZ

    · Both got selected in lottery

    · ABC visa is in 'RFE resonse review'

    · XYZ visa is already approved

    · I am currently on L1B sponsored by ABC

    · I want to continue with ABC

    Since the visa is applied as a change of status from L1B to H1B and if ABC's H1B does not get a decision by Oct 1, do I have a compulsion to join XYZ?
    Applying through XYZ was only a back-up plan for me, since I was denied a H1B visa last year due to lottery process.

    I would need your assistance to know as what needs to be done here to continue with ABC and maintain legal status in USA.

    I would also like to know, if upgrading my ABC case to premium processing will help me here?