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H1B Transfer : After Merger

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  • H1B Transfer : After Merger

    My Current Employer (A) applied for my H1 and it was approved. Now my Employer Merged with another company (B) in June this year and New company (C) has been formed . Employees of Both the companies are working for this new company .There was no change in my Location (LCA) and my Job Responsibilities I am planning for an H1 Transfer and H1 transfer requires two recent pay stubs. My I 797 was approved for Company (A) but my pay stubs are run by the new company (C) , Will there be any issue on my Transfer, do I need to provide with some extra stating that there was no material changes in my employment. There are no clear rules on Mergers when it comes to H1. Any advice is helpful

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    Hi, I'm in the same situation now? Could you please tell me what happened with your case?