Dear All,

This is regarding H4 visa interview.

My H1 interview is scheduled next week. I am planning to take my wife along with me for H4 as well.
I have few question for the same.
My wife is pregnant (this is 6th month)
Should I take my wife for H4 interview along with me? Will there be any issue?
My wife will travel to US after delivery only.

Only issue giving H4 interview after delivery is , it will be difficult for her to attend interview along with baby. Distance between hometown and visa office is close to 12 hrs. it would be really hectic for her.
so I thought that it’s better that she give interview with with me.

If you guys suggest that she should attend interview after delivery then it’s fine no more question.

But if you thing there is no issue to attend H4 interview along with me then I have below concern,
In DS-160 form, on Travel Companions Information section having question as Are there other persons traveling with you? If yes then need to give details of person.
Traveling after delivery she will be with baby so what should I mentioned for above question? should i fill the details like surname and for name as not applicable for now?

Kindly help me on above concerns.
Thanks in advance.

With Gratitude,