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H1b 221(g) blue slip

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  • H1b 221(g) blue slip

    I recently attended h1b visa interview. Please find the conversation below.

    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Good Morning Sir
    VO: Your employer?
    Me: XYZ
    VO: Client?
    Me: ABC
    VO: Highest degree
    Me: Master of Science
    VO: US Salary?
    Me: X US dollars
    VO: Field of study
    Me: Software Systems
    VO: Computer Engineering?
    Me: MS in Software Systems. Software systems is equivalent to Computer Engineering.

    Except the passport, none of my documents (I-767& or I-129) were asked by VO.

    VO then gave me the blue form with ONLY "Your application requires additional administrative processing..." checked. VO also stated that my visa can neither be granted or denied at this point and need administrative processing. I was given option to keep my passport at Consulate or take with me. I opted to keep the same with the consulate.

    As per my I-129, Field of study is mentioned as “Computer Information Systems and Computer Engineering”. This could be the reason for more administrative processing. I have done my BE in Information Technology and MS in Software Systems.

    Could you please let me know whether my visa will be granted, since they haven't seen any of my other documents?
    Any time frame when my passport will be returned?