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  • H4 Extension in USA

    Hi, I am applying for H4 extension to my wife and two kids. They have been here in US for the past three months. Their visas are expiring on 30th of this month. I already have my H1 extended few months back. So it is only H4 extensions for now.

    I want to apply by myself and learnt that I had to fill in I-539 form to make an extn application.

    I have a few questions and if any body with some experience can answer I would really appreciate.
    1. From USCIS website I understood that if I am applying for only H4 extensions this is the address where we should mail the documents (I want to USPS priority express service)
    P.O. Box 660166
    Dallas, TX 75266
    Is my understanding right ? I dont want to be in a situation that I send the application to a wrong address.
    2. These are the documents I compiled to send along with I539
    1. Filled in and signed I539 form with supplement 1
    2. A check for $290 on the name of US Department of Homeland Security
    3. Photocopy of My approved I797 petiotion
    4. Copy of my most recent I-94 (I feel I dont have to add this as this still doesnot show the extended date on it)
    5. Copies of my recent paystubs
    6. Photocopy of wife passport (First page and last page)
    7. Photocopy of visa page on wife passport
    8. Photocopy of Wife I94
    9. Photocopy of marriage certificate
    10. Photocopy of passport (first and last page) for each child
    11. Photocopy of visa page on passport for each child
    12. Photocopy of birth certificate of each child

    I know that there is lot of documentation in the web to suggest this process but I have only 10 days left to apply the extension application and I dont want to take even a small risk. I greatly appreciate if somebody could point me towards any missing document or any advise to make my experience better.

    Thanks a lot.