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DS160 together for H1B Stamping + H4

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  • DS160 together for H1B Stamping + H4


    I have got my H1B approval. I am planning to go to india in october and get married. Planning to schedule the visa interview for my wifes H4 Visa and my H1B stamping together by submitting the DS160 together as travel companion. Please confirm if the interview can be scheduled together at the same TIME.

    Also, since i am not yet married, is it still OK to submit the DS160 now? I will schedule the interview at a date AFTER marriage, however currently i am single. So can i submit the DS160 for me and my fiance as "married" since our status will be "married" during the interview? Or do you suggest to submit the DS160 ONLY AFTER MARRIAGe so that we can clearly submit DS160 as married and go for interview as married. The problem in that case would be availability of interview dates. It would be easier for me if i can keep the interviews scheduled from here beforehand.

    Thank you for your help in advance.