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H1b Transfer Denied

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  • H1b Transfer Denied


    I got my 1st H1b on Oct 2012 through employer A. After working over a year, I decided to change my employer (B) and filed for H1b transfer via regular processing (Dec 2013). Got RFE (June 2014) for which my employer could not prepare documentation on time so filed a new petition using employer C via premium process (July 2014). Again got an RFE which was responded on time, but today I got a notification that my petition has been denied.. still waiting for denial reason hard copy.

    Note: Employer A never revoked my H1b and I have visa stamping valid until Sep 30 2015

    My questions:
    1. Am I out of status?
    2. What are the next steps? Can I file for h1b through different employer this time? Is appeal a good option?

    Thanks for your help in advance..