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URGENT: Previous emplyer on H4 stamped visa

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  • URGENT: Previous emplyer on H4 stamped visa


    I got my H1 visa approved from my previous company (say ALPHA) and is valid starting 10/01/12. I got a job at another (my current company, say BETA ) company last year and got my H1 transferred. My HR never gave me the documents after my transfer and as I got busy with work I completely forgot to ask.

    My wife was visiting India and we got all her documents ready for the H4 stamping appointment not realizing that the i-797 form we were submitting wasn't of my current employer, BETA. My wife is in India now and recently got her H4 stamped and approved. Later when we checked the visa the name of the company was that of my previous employer ALPHA.Thats when it hit us that we never submitted our recent H1 approval form (I-797) from my current employer Beta as I myself didn't had them.
    I now have the whole set of docs from my current employer BETA which I was supposed to get an year back.

    My question is, what should we do? will she face any issues because of this when she returns back to US? She is heading back on Dec 7th 2014 to JFK. Should we contact the embassy and clarify the situation? Will this get her in trouble?

    Please advise.