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H1B Renewal Stamping Matamoros Experience with Mr.Salvador November19,2014.

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  • H1B Renewal Stamping Matamoros Experience with Mr.Salvador November19,2014.

    why i considered matamoros

    1. dates availablity(you can can as early as next day in matamoros currently)
    2. some randomn 221's comming out of cananda,this is probably case by case,
    but numbers were little higher from reviews.
    3. may be the least of al, winter is not so great there i guess.
    4. i felt like you will do all by yourself,no guiding and support incase of questions.

    the good things about salvador/matamoros (https://mexicovisaservice.appspot.com/) was from my personal experience.

    1.you dont need visa to enter to mexico,salvador will pick you from brownsville texas and drive you to hotel and its very easy.
    2.you will get passport the same day most of the times,seldom if printing problem happen they may issue next day.
    3.you have almost 4-6 h1b renewals happening everyday on average from salvadors hotel,so you are never alone for guidance.
    4.salvador(Bestwestern manager,mamamoros) and his assistant will drop you,pickyou from asc,embassy and border anytime you want.
    5.they only do renewals,no change of status and probably less crowded at embassy.

    after i talked to to salvador i booked my dates on 18 and 19,and informed my internary to him telling him that i was comming on
    monday afternoon to BRO Airport,for my tuesday and wednesday appointment and he asked me to take a cab from BRO and wait at the
    bustand very close to border and he would come and pick me up and i said yes!.

    and H1B stamping Journey starts:

    17th morning:

    started from a city in midwest with lot of snow falling on the day i had to leave to brownsville,texas and flight was delayed by 3 hrs
    and missed my connecting flight,was very nervous for most part of the day how the hell would i reach BRO,luckily i was given a seat in a flight going to harlingon airport which is
    another airport 26 miles from the BRO Airport,
    i had a very tough day following with flight delays and tension around how i would reach BRO,kept salvador in the loop since morning about the flight delays and reroutes.
    salvador offered me a great help to pick me up from harlingon airport,he didnt ask for money,he said since you had a tough day and
    its getting night would be expensive if i hire a cab to come to BRO, he offered 2 hrs of ride total and took me to mexico,that told me what kind of man he is very service oriented man,aged around 68.
    i didnt have words to express my happiness for this amazing help i received that day,he took me to hotel introduced me to his staff and made me very comformatble,
    the hotel staff are very polite
    when it comes to food,its very nice you get free breakfast,and for your lunch and dinner you can customize the menu for what you would like to,they are very friendly,hotel room is very clean and good
    wifi,and you get american carriers signal for mobile phones,all in all great hotel,highly recommend this hotel for any stay.

    18th morning ASC:

    around 2 pm was my finger ASC with few other guyz,salvadors assistant took us from hotel 20 mins before appointment and got it done in 10 mins at ASC,all they do is they print some stamps on
    ds160 stating that you got asc appointent done and wil take your finger prints and photos,you dont need to carry your photos.
    you just need your passport,ds160 and appointment email,staff at asc are very polite and very helpful,while we came out after ASC he was waiting for us he took us back to hotel.
    by 2:20 were back in hotel,hotel is just 5 mins away from embassy and asc.

    19th morning the big day,Consulate:

    we were like 4 who had interview at same time 10 am,salvadors assitant took us to embassy 20 mins before the appointment and dropped us at mini grocery store across from
    consulate,we went to embassy.

    step1assport and i797 check,this is done outside of embassy making sure right people are going in.
    step2:as they let you in 2 other people which sit in the reception of the consute checks your ds160 that you got from asc the day before,i797 and passport,they take all these and give you token
    and send those to consulate officers.
    step3fficer called our names based on ds160 he got,as he called our names we went there,questions asked

    1.who is your employer and employer letter?
    2.how many extensions you had
    3.gc filed?
    6.what is your role?

    once i answered and he said your visa is apporved,gave an yellow slip asking to come and pick it at 3pm,mostly it should be ready,unless they have some printing issues.

    almost all of them the rest of h1b renewals were asked same similar set of questions,one person PIMS was not updated his visa is approved but was told to get visa next day.

    step4:after interview we went to grocery store acorss the consulate and called best western hotel and salvadors assistnat came in 5 mins and picked us,we had lunch
    and went back to consulate at 3pm and were made to sit in the same room as we had interview in the morning and names were called by looking at the passort and we were given our pass
    ports sameday.
    there is a way to check the status of visa whether you would get it the same day or not, if you goto ceac.state.gov there is link to check your visa status which as your location where visa
    applied and ds160 confirmation number,if you see VISA ISSUED by 2:45 pm,you will get passort same day,other wise its very unlikley.
    since we checked our status we checkedout our hotel and bought all the luggaage down to reception before going to pickup passport.

    step 5:
    after we cameback with passports we took our luggage and salvador took us to border and explained where to go how to go,you just need to follow one line until you enter into the port
    of entry building,after you enter there is a room to your right handside where they give you new I94 all h1b Will directly go there,there is a guard if you tell them you are h1b,he will take
    your passports and gives them to officers behins counters where they will call you by your name and ask you few questions,
    about reason why you comming to america and will give you new i94 for 6 dollars.
    and he would give you an orange slip which lets you bypass the line mexicans are standing and walk across,one last time a check of passport and i94 will be done and thats it you will be back in USA.

    overall matamors/salvador h1b process is very smooth compared to any where,higly recommond matamoros/salvador,he charges very less for the services he provide,infact he doesnt charge at all,his only
    billing is for hotel 120 per night with free breakfast.