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Bridge Petition-New I94?

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  • Bridge Petition-New I94?

    I am currently working in one of a well known IT company(A) and my H1B extension is in progress. My I94 and visa has expired. One of the other company(B) has recruited me and is filing the H1B transfer(after the expiration of I94 and my initial visa period), with the current H1B extension(Filed by A) as a bridge

    My extension(filed by A) now is in premium mode. meanwhile company B is filing the transfer and extension in premium mode too.

    I will be moving to B only when USCIS approves my extension filed by A(Making sure that my status in any case here is not violated) and getting transfer approval by B too.
    My query -
    What if extension and transfer file by B doesn't come with an I94. Does the new I94 of company A holds, once i resign and join B?

    In case I94 of company A doesnt hold once/if i resign, and B transfer is approved without I94, what would be my status. Do i need to go back to home country and stamp my visa and come back with new I94?

    Request to please help me in this