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H4 ->H1B -> H1B extension, visa stamping in India.

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  • H4 ->H1B -> H1B extension, visa stamping in India.


    I want to share my H1B visa stamping experience, as this may help a lot of people, who haven't been travelling back home, for the fear of rejection. I got married and came to US in 2011 on H4 visa and then applied for H1B visa. I got my H1B approved and started working as soon as I got the approval. I got my H1B extension approved this year, I made up my mind to visit India and face the deadly visa stamping challenge

    Here is my visa stamping experince:

    Me:Good Morning!
    VO: Good Morning!

    VO: What is the purpose of your visit?
    Me: I am going to US for employement purpose.

    VO: Is this the same petitioner?
    Me: Yes, but last time when I applied for H4 visa.

    VO: Oh! So, is this a change of status?
    Me: Yes.

    VO: How long have you been working for this employer?
    Me: Since 3 years.

    VO: How did you find out about this employer?
    Me: My husband used to work for this employer
    (Cheezzz...I should have mentioned he has been working with this emolyer...)

    VO: So, has he left the employer and is not working there anymore?
    Me: Oh no no! I mean't he has been working with this employer since last 6 years.

    VO: What's your client name?
    Me: Told her the client name with confidence, as I had the client letter and other documentation to prove it.

    VO: Congratulations your visa had been approved!
    Me: Smiled and said thank you and ran out of their before anyone could stop me

    I got my passport, with visa stamped on it within 3 days after my visa interview.

    Note: I work on a EVC model. I have read so many people saying that if you are on a EVC model, be ready for 221g.
    But I think it's just your confidence that matters. Also, make sure you dress up appropriately, be confident and carry all the required documents, I bet that gives you immense confidence. Above all have faith in God! God helps those, who help themselves!

    Good Luck!

    Oh! and I forgot to mention, special thanks to immihelp as it has helped me to educate myself to prepare for various successful visa stampings, for me, my family and my in laws!