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221g - A letter from the personnel department at the US end client company

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  • 221g - A letter from the personnel department at the US end client company

    Hi All,

    I attended for H1b Visa Interview on Dec 29th,2014 i have been asked few questions like employer name, client name, work location, after that VO asked for petition, he checked number of employees in the employer company its 1(Current Number of employees in Form I-129 doc). actually my employer do contracting they are 10 consultants working presently. i mentioned all are US citizens and my employer recruits as per project based. he asked for contract and subcontractor agreements (EVC model). dates on contract are subcontract(Vendor and Employer) - Aug 20 2013 and contract(Vendor and End Client) - 07/23/2012. he mentioned these dates i answered that the contracts still exist.
    Then he asked all the documents i carried about my employer. i was carrying all proofs of my employer(CA state Employers print, insurance of employer FEIN number and contact details of the owner etc.). When VO asked the client letter i gave vendor letter+ work order + contract + subcontract + Contact details of end client, vendor and employer.

    VO gave a slip and told me to wait, i waited for almost 2/3 hrs then same VO called me and gave me my PP along with a blue slip saying its 221g and i need to come again for same interview carrying client letter. Thats all.

    On Vendor Letter the client name + prj duration + Job Duties + Employer Name stating i will be paid by employer as been mentioned (signed by vendor)
    On work Order - My name+job duties+rate per hr+Work start and end dates+Prj location is mentioned which is signed by Vendor and End client.

    I havnt understood what the VO is expecting he marked a check box on 221g (From your Petitioner) -
    A letter (on letter head) from the personnel department at the US end client company (the job site where you will actually work) stating that there is a vacancy for you.

    what kind of letter i need to provide for VO for further interview? Also my h1b approval validity is given only upto september 2015(mentioned on I-797 form).


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    Did you sent the docs? What happened?


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      I have also got same questions, please let me know what document you have provided for A letter (on letterhead) from the personnel department at the U.S. job site stating that there is a vacancy for you.

      I appreciate your help on this.