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H4 issued, H1B Administrative processing

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  • H4 issued, H1B Administrative processing

    Hi, Had an interview today 9th Jan, 2014 along with my wife for H1B and H4 respectively at 11 am IST. Received email at 2:00 pm that the H4 visa was issued and the passport ready for pickup.

    However, when I checked my status, it shows up as "Administrative Processing". The Consulate officer clearly told us that the visa was approved and did not provide any other information. What could be the reason for this status? Again, how is it logically possible that H4 visa is stamped while the H1B is in "Administrative Processing".

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    Admins - Please let me know if this is normal?


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      Update on 13th Jan 10:45 am IST. No change in status yet for H1B. H4 has been stamped and passport has been picked up.


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        Contact for the updated status after 1 day.. Might be approved.. Good Luck..
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          Update: Same status at 9:30 pm IST 14th Jan.


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            Update: The status changed to Issued on 15th Jan 1:30 pm. The passport is ready for pickup.


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              H1 B White Slip

              I had my Visa interview on Dec 1 st at Hyderabad consulate.

              Here are the questions asked?

              1. How is your employer?
              2. what is the highest qualification?
              3. job title ?( mine is research side)

              and she gave the white slip tick marked the first row.
              when i checked the status online it is showing administrative processing. It has been 6 weeks now still no update.

              More details about my case
              I had done my masters from US - 2007-2009. i continued working with my curreent company since my OPT. Since i joined company i didn't visit India. this is my first H1 B stamping.
              During interview i saw VO writing PIMS on my I-797 C copy.
              Kindly advice what need to be done for this?