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Will a denied F1 visa hamper my first ever H1 stamping in India?

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  • Will a denied F1 visa hamper my first ever H1 stamping in India?


    I came to the US in 2008 on an F1 visa, for grad school. Unfortunately, my first attempt to get my F1 visa was rejected (on grounds of insufficient funds to sponsor school or something like that), after which i reapplied (after making changes to my proof of financial standing) and got the F1.
    I graduated in 2010, and went to India then (when i was still in F1).
    Its now 2015, and i am now on an H1B visa, with my i797 valid until April 2017 with an american employer. this is going to be my first ever visit after i came on H1B.

    I am thinking of going to India Feb 2015 and get my first ever stamping in Mumbai, and while filling out the DS 160 form, came across this question "Have you ever been rejected a US visa before?"
    Considering that my first visa rejection was an F1 visa and way back in 2008, will this affect my chances of getting my first H1B stamping in Mumbai?
    If yes, what else can i do?

    Any help would be appreciated ! Thank you all for reading this and taking the time to reply !