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H1-B Visa Renewal through Drop Box/Interview Waiver Program

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  • H1-B Visa Renewal through Drop Box/Interview Waiver Program

    My wife, on H4, is traveling to India and will be getting the visa stamp for H4 renewal through the new drop-box program. I wanted to know if I, primary applicant (H1-B) can send my passport with her to get the stamping along with hers? I will not be traveling to India though.

    Please note: The drop-box confirmation letter for my wife clearly says that the applicant is NOT required in person to submit documents at any Drop off locations.
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    Not sure if it is legal to give your passport to anyone other than yourself. Do not try to get creative here. Big NO.

    For example what happens if you have to travel outside and your wife is still in India? You must carry your passport and cant just give it to your wife.
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    Check out H1 FAQs first!


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      If you are not travelling to India with your family and sending only your passport with your wife, then 100% your wife's visa will get rejected under Interview Waiver Program. Your passport does not have any returning to India stamp (as your are here) on your passport and Embassy guys are not uneducated so that they can ignore it. Simply, dependents visa's are not eligible under Interview Waiver Program if main candidate is not with them in India.