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H1B Stamping in Paris,France

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  • H1B Stamping in Paris,France

    I am planning to travel to France in the last week of Feb to get my H1b visa stamped.
    Previously I had booked an appointment in Mexico, I had to take 2 appointments one for finger printing and one for interview.

    When I booked my appointment for France, I just had to select 1 time. I am a bit confused about this? Is the 2 appointment procedure only for Mexico?


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    Hello Mithil,

    How did your Interview go at Paris COnsulate.. Can you please share your experience?


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      Sucessful Stamping at Paris (H1B) Renewal and change of Status Stamping

      Hello Everyone ,

      I thought this will be helpful for people thinking of stamping in Paris France for H1B.

      1. Yes, Paris US consulate does allow Third party national renewal and first time stamping for H1B. However before you do that do verify it by writing to [email protected]. The consulate is very responsive in terms of responding to your emails with in 24 hours. I am just citing my example where I got responses as quick as 1 hour while I was in Paris.
      2. I was on a business trip to Paris for 2 weeks with an expired H1B and new amended petition which was approved just 2 weeks before appointment.
      3. After I confirmed with Paris consulate I booked my appointment for a Monday at 11 am. Just FYI for all the dates I could only find 11 am and 11 30 am as available times for H1B Cases. this is just a observation.
      4. I reached 45 minutes earlier before my scheduled interview time at the Consulate on Monday and I was let in and it was quick and we were out by 11 30 am.
      5. As you go after the security check into the main building you generate a Ticket number from the kiosk and line up for finger printing on the left side counters. Here you will be ten printed and officer will make a remark OK if your petition is in PIMS or not. If not in PIMS then he/she may write "not in PIMS".
      6. After that you will be asked to wait in the central waiting area where you will keep an eye on the monitors atop each window for your ticket number.
      7. My ticket number displayed in 5 mins and after initial exchange of greetings VO asked me few questions regarding my employer and what I do, about my family and my highest qualification. After that she said Visa is approved but my peition is not in PIMS and it may take a few days before I can get passport.
      8. The Petition PIMS authorization came in on Thursday. Status changed to Issued on Friday. Received released to Postal service ( La Poste) notification email with tracking number on following Monday. received the Passport in Hand on Tuesday by 10 30 am. Total 7 business days excluding Interview day.
      9. Observation : I had another colleague of mine who was stamping with me on the same day and got the passport on 4th day since his petition was available in PIMS. for such cases Status changes to Issued on the Next day and passport will arrive on 4th day of Interview.
      10. Observation: I had another colleague who was stamping for the first time who was transferring from L1 to H1 next day on Tuesday and got the passport on Friday.

      Please note as on today Paris Post doesn't allow collection of passports personally. Visa officer and staff are very courteous.

      DISCLAIMER: Please note above mentioned details are specific to my application and application must decide/weigh the risk after confirming with Paris US consulate. Every application is unique and applicant must decide renewal or change of status stamping at Paris US consulate based on his/her immigration and job history & at his/her own risk. Good Luck.
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