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Home residency requirement (2 year rule) and filing H1B Appliction

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  • Home residency requirement (2 year rule) and filing H1B Appliction

    Hello everyone,
    I was in J-1 visa for my undergraduate and then F-1 visa for my graduate study. I did have two year home residency requirement in my J-1 visa. After the completion of my J-1 program (and during my F-1 study), I have come home a couple of times and stay in my home country for around 4 months. Now I have finished my F-1 study and returned to the home country.
    I have a few questions:
    1) Will this 4-month span included in my two year residency since I read in the website that this time is cumulative?
    2) What paperwork I need to have to prove my two year residency? (like bank statement, rental agreement, entry/exit stamp in my passport?)
    3) My 2 year home residence requirement will probably end in September 2015 (if it counts cumulatively). Could I ask my employer to file my H1B application before that date, let's say April 2015 (the opening period of H1B application)?
    If yes, then if H1B is approved, what do I need to bring to the consulate to get my visa stamp after September 2015? (probably something to prove the completion of 2 year residency requirement?) so that I could start work in October?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    Thanks again!