I've worked in companies A, B, C, D and E. With company 'E' I came to US in H1B visa and currently my visa status is H1 extension approved. My first company A is not existing now where I worked for X years. I want to join back my previous company 'D' where in records they have X years of experience for my first company A where as when I joined Company 'E' I elevated my company A experience to X.5 years (Just 6 months added). I've the following doubts. Can anybody please clarify?

1. While Company E filed H1 they showed X.5 years of experience for my past company A. However, If I am joining back company D, I've to mention X years of experience only for my first company A. In that case, while Company D files my H1 transfer is there any risk that my H1 will be rejected?

2. If my H1 transfer with Company D gets rejected due to this reason, then is there any possibility that my future H1 extension that will be filed by Company E if I decide to continue here will be impacted/rejected? Or will it impact my current valid H1 status with Company E?

Kindly help me to clarify all my doubts if anybody is aware of the answer. Thanks in advance.