I came from India on H1 Visa and Switched the Company in USA. I have completed H1 Visa Transfer (and H4 Visa Transfer for my Wife) Process and got new I797.
Now while working with the new employer, I'm planning go to India on Holiday.
So, the question is in regards to Need of H1/H4 Stamping in India...
My Earlier Visa Stamping with the Old Company as petitioner is Valid Till December 2015. I'm going to India for 3 weeks in March 2015.
My Petitioner has been changed now since company changed.
But my Current Company HR is saying that "I need NOT to go for H1/H4 Visa Stamping since Earlier Stamping is NOT expired"
My point here is Stamping also has Petitioner Details which has changed now.
So, somebody please advise me on whether I REQUIRE TO GO FOR STAMPING OR NOT.
Thanks in advance.