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Passport collected and issued Blue slip.. please help

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  • Passport collected and issued Blue slip.. please help

    Hello experts,

    I attended H1b Visa Interview 13th feb 2015 @ chennai office along with my wife and 8 month old daughter. VO asked me few general Questions like “Company details, Client name, project description,salary and he asked to mywife ” How long have you been married and her education details.

    After all he asked me to submit all documents. I submitted LCA, I797 , i129 , Client letter, counsilate letter,offer letter , company and client contract details, agrement etc. After all he has returned all doc’s and kept all 3 passport with Him and issued sblue slip (221g) marked in check box “your application required additional admin process before a final decision can be made”.

    I asked him do i need to submit any documents. But he told me not required ,the process wont take much time. but will take few weeks and passport will deliver to your drop address.

    Now after 3 hrs, when i check my status online it says under admin process..

    Can some one help me to know. how long this will take and what process it require to complete.

    appreciate your response

    thanks in advance

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    Form 221(G) can be issued under many circumstances to notify that additional processing is needed for your application, a.k.a Administrative Processing.

    If no documents have been asked for, and there is a check on the box near the bottom of the form saying additional processing is required, it can mean quite a few things.

    Maybe consulate wants to verify some information you provided.
    Maybe consulate wants to verify status/legality of your sponsoring organization.
    If you were in US earlier, and had problems with law and order, which you did not declare in DS-160, that can also be verified.
    Maybe there is some problem with your petition, in which case it will be sent back to USCIS.

    Administrative Processing is a tricky affair, and the timeline to get a result can greatly vary, from a few days to months.

    In a nutshell, the Visa Officer is not able to make a decision and need somebody higher up to look into your application.

    Putting your visa on Administrative Processing doesn't mean rejection.

    These days many H1B and L1A cases are being put through Administrative Processing, maybe just to be sure that the employer is not fraud or the applicant has lesser chances of applying for a GC subsequently.

    So be hopeful, and give it time. And do keep an eye on the email id you provided in your DS-160. If any additional information is needed from you, consulate will send out email to you directly.

    This is an opinion, not a legal advice!
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