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URGENT - Seek Advice on H1B extension while PERM is pending

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  • URGENT - Seek Advice on H1B extension while PERM is pending


    I seek urgent advice on filing extension when Labor is pending for less than 365 days. I have heard contradictory statements from different attorneys so not sure whom to trust. Hopefully I can get some great advice on this forum.

    6 yrs on my H1-B expire on July 7, 2015. PERM application for my Green card under EB-2 was filed in the last week of May, 2014. Unfortunately, the application has gone into audit. Since I do not expect the approval of PERM to come before the expiration of my H1-B, when would I be eligible to file for 1-yr extension? Do I need to wait till end of May so that 365 of PERM filing is complete and then file it? Or am I eligible right now to file it. Some lawyers say that I am eligible and can file it right away. While others say that I have to wait till May end. I'm confused and need help!

    Appreciate your response.

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    Folks, if any of you have faced a similar situation and are aware of the procees, pls respond!


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      H1 extension while PERM under Audit

      I am in same situation. My lawyer says still need to wait for 365 days of pending. please confirm is this true?