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  • need help urgent

    hi veena,
    i want advice please help me ,my case is i went for h4 visa last month but they gived me 221(g) form stating that we will contact you after adminstrative processing has been completed.but 2 weeks overed there is no call from them they have taken documents,everything is cleared but iam not understanding why they have given 221(g).
    my husband went to us through consultancy,but now he got direct offer.can he apply for h1 b transfer,shall i go again embassy with new h1b petion papers by taking new appointment or will my husband come back to India and taking appointment for hb transfer and h4 stamping. tell me which one is better. can we proceed like this without waiting for long time or other any alternative is there to find out my h4 status.is they open my file for adminstrative processing or not,how long time will they take for this processing.how can i contact them.
    please give me advice how to proceed .
    iam eagerly waiting for reply .
    i will be thankful for reply.

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    help me

    hi ,
    veena i want advice ,give me ur suggestion.
    i am waiting for reply.


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      When it is under Administrative processing (They are probably verifying all the documents you have produced) there is no point in re-applying. They will ask you to wait until the admin processing is complete.This process will take more than 2 weeks, we have seen some cases where it has taken over 6 months, Please wait and watch!

      This is not a legal Advise.


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        need suggestion

        hi bs,
        thans for ur reply.my husband got good offer from direct u.s compnay.everything cleared and they are saying that to join,but my husband said that my(h4)case then they gave 1 month time.so what we are planing that we will wait for 2 months.evenalso no response from consulate then my husband wants to shift to that direct company and applying for new h1 filing without waiting unknownly.please tell me is this good way,i have some doubts:
        1.if his h1 status changes then will my h4 status change or not?
        2.shall i take new appointment with my husband's new h1 papers?
        3.if i go again to embassy with new h1 papers will they ask my previous h4 pendig?
        please we are in confusion,give me good advice.
        i will be thankful for ur reply.


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          Hi Bunny,
          If your case is pending under administrative processing, it is best for you to wait until theay finish the processing and then call you. One cannot guess what they are checking on and whether they would be through with their checking by the time you go to them with the new appointment. Do not trake the risk. Wait patiently till they call you. There are no 2 ways about it.
          (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)


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            Pls Help!

            Hello Veena,

            I am in a similar kind of situation(221-g Administrative Processing). They have called my H-1 company and verified if I was working there.

            Do you think we are through. The only docs they have are a explanation letter (for one of the inquiries about difference in address on my paystubs and bank statments with copy of my State issued DL attached as a proof of my address) and the letter from the Client about the current project.



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              If they are through with their administrative processing, they will surely get back to you. Just be patient. I know it is easier said than done, but there is no other way out.
              (NOT LEGAL ADVICE)