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Need Information on H1b Amendment Process

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  • Need Information on H1b Amendment Process


    Currently, I am on H1B Visa and working for a employer X in the client location Y.
    I am planning to visit India in May, 2015. But my employer says that i have to file H1B amendment and should get approval before i travel India as i have recently move from one client to another client.
    Let's say that i have filed my H1B Amendment through Premium Processing and before i received the approval; if i got a new job then how does this amendment work?
    Is my Amendment valid? Can my new employer file LCA for me (while amendment is still in process)?
    Can i travel India in this situation?

    One other question is, my current client is not issuing client letter and i have received Vendor letter and purchase order document from vendor (which consists of start date and end date of my contract with client and with respect to vendor); Can i get the H1B amendment approval and my H1B visa stamping without client letter? If not, Please advise on how to proceed further?