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Applying for H4 DS160 with 2 valid H1B petition numbers

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  • Applying for H4 DS160 with 2 valid H1B petition numbers

    Hello! While completing the DS160 application for my spouse's H4 visa, we came across below questions. Could someone please assist us?

    1. I (H1B applicant) have 2 valid I-797A petition numbers, one from 2012-July 31st 2015 and another from Aug1st 2015-2018. For my H1B visa renewal, I will be using the drop box option and I have used latest petition number (2015-2018) in DS160. However, for my spouse (h4) who has to attend the in-person visa interview as its her first time visa stamping, do we need to use the current petition number (2015-2018) or the renewal petition number (2015-2018) for her DS160 application?

    This question is in DS160:
    The List of Purposes of Trip to the U.S. :
    Principal Applicant's Name --> H1B applicant
    Application Receipt/Petition Number --> ? (2012-2015 or 2015-2018)

    I have planned in such a way that my visa will be renewed first and after a week, she will be attending the visa interview. I am hoping the H4 visa dates to be stamped from current date of her visa interview till the end date of renewed petition number. This is important for us as she will be traveling with me (in June 2015) before the current visa expires (July 31st 2015).

    Appreciate all your help in answering my questions and thank you very much.

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    Could someone reply to this question please?


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      Originally posted by RajKumar2015 View Post
      Could someone reply to this question please?
      @RajKumar2015 What did you wind up doing?


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        @Rajkumar2015 how did you work this out? I am in the same situation. Kindly reply.