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H4 Visa EAD information

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    I did my masters in United states and after completion of my OPT, I joined DAY 1 CPT farmington university. My h1 got rejected in 2018 November and I stayed in united states till Jan 2019. I came back to india before 180 days period.
    Now, My marriage got fixed and Planning to apply for H4 EAD.

    Is there going to be problem for me when I went to VISA stamping?
    If so, What will be the best solution?



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      Hi, I am applying for wife's H4 visa and H4 EAD extension along with my own H1B extension through premium processing. Is her current H4 EAD (expires on Dec 19) still valid when I receive my new H1B visa (reviewed). I assume that H4 visa and EAD renewal takes longer time. Is she allowed to work during this time on her existing H4 EAD.



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        I have sent the H4 EAD extension application on a pending H4 renewal status. However it got returned to me with the reasoning "The payment amount is incorrect or has not been provided."
        I have attached a personal check of $410 payable to " US Department of Homeland Security". Can you please suggest what is wrong in it?

        Also in the rejection notice it says:
        The application/petition has not been fully completed. One or more of the following fields were not completed.
        - Reason for applying
        I found out that part was a mistake on my part that I missed the check box.

        Is it because of the error that they sent it back or there is still some error in the payment?

        Appreciate you help.


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          My current Situation:

          My recent entry is in March 2018 and VISA stamp in my passport shows my status is H4. In April 2018, i have applierd for H4 EAD, but i got an employment opportunity, so have applied for COS from H4 to H1B along with H1B new pettion, while H4 EAD application is in pending status. My H4 EAD got approved in Aug 2018 and my H1B is approved in Sep 2018. I started working after my H4 EAD approval and as my H1B along with COS is approved after approval of H4 EAD, my current VISA status is H1B. As I didn’t travel after H1B approval, my recent USA entry i94 and passport visa stamp shows status is H4, though I am actually on H1B right now. Now my husband is applying his h1b tranfer. Now i would like to change my status to H4 along with his h1b transfer and continue to work on the basis of H4 EAD till it expires.

          I-94 (generated when i enter US in Mar 2018) - expires in Aug 2020.
          H4 EAD - valid from Aug 2018 to Aug 2020
          H1B - Valid from Sep 2018 to Dec 2019 (I94 number in I 797 is same as the one generated during my most recent entry to US in Mar 2018)
          My Job contract end time - Jul 2020

          1. Would my COS from H1b to H4 possible though I have H4 visa stamp and Status as H4 in my I94?
          2. Would my situtation created any problem for the approval of my husband visa transfer, if apply my COS with him?
          3. If my COS is possible and it doesn’t create any issue for my husband H1B transfer, after approval of my COS from H1B to H4, can i work on the basis of existing H4 EAD ( which I got on the basis of my husband H1B petition before his h1B tranfer and is valid till Aug 2020)?

          Really APPRECIATE anybody’s quick help and response



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            H4 EAD for my wife got approved, I applied for EAD along with my H1 transfer to a new employer.
            When I applied I was Oregon now moved to Phoenix and I forgot to update the new address, and card was dispatched to old address,
            current status says "Card Is Being Returned to USCIS by Post Office" my attorney says USCIS will not resend the card to new address
            and we have to reapply the entire process again is it true?? pls advice thanks in advance.


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              As part of I-765 form, you have stated that eligibility category is (c) (26). Is it common for all ??
              Also as an H1-B principal applicant , iam planning to file H-4 EAD application process. Do you see any issues if I do it individually

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