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Changing Employers before Oct. 1

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  • Changing Employers before Oct. 1

    Hi all,

    I've tried going through a lot of these threads but I couldn't find a concrete answer.

    I am currently on the TN visa. I was recently approved of H1B from Company A. Will I be able to change employers before Oct. 1?

    I read that this is possible but I also risk Company A withdrawing the petition? Is this something worth risking?

    Thank you for all your help!

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    Employer Change with pending H-1B application

    Hi Everyone,

    I am currently working on my STEM extension set to expire on 07/17/2015 with Company A as a full time employee. I also received an offer from Company B for another full-time position commencing July,20 2015. Company A & B both filed a H-1B petition but only Company A's got selected in this year's cap. As company A used 'regular processing' while filing, I have heard that it could take upto 4-5 months to receive an approval from USCIS. I already have a receipt number issued for Company A's petition and would like to know if-

    1)I can switch to company B immediately and have my H-1B "transferred" over without being subject to the cap again ?

    2)I have to wait for an approval decision/ October 1,2015 before the H-1B can be "transferred" to Company B?

    I would greatly appreciate your help and insights into this!

    Thank You.


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      I don't think so

      Just interviewed with a big company and their lawyer said if I changed job before Oct.1st, I have to apply H1 again next year.
      I am TN holder, and I don't care that too much, but I still hope to keep H1 if I can win the lottery.
      Now is already May.7th, still heard nothing about the result.