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Date chnages: Chennai Consulate on 25th Jan

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  • Date chnages: Chennai Consulate on 25th Jan

    Anyone have appointment on 25th Jan 06 ?
    I heard that All H an L visa appointments booked on 25Jan have been postponed to some time in 3rd week of Feb.
    Is this true ?
    If anyone have booked on 25th please share your status.


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    Hi Syed
    i have a similar kind of problem that you have i have the appointment on jan 20 as all the appointments in the month of jan have been postponed to Feb.But i did not get any confirmation as what are the dates in the Feb
    can you please let me know how did you know about the dates.

    The following URL give info about the re-sceduling fo dates.
    it is mentioned that all the appointments in the month of Jan are re-scheduled to Feb


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      Re-scheduling from Jan to Feb

      The notice from consulate states that only some appointment have been moved to Feb from Jan, not all. So in case if some one doesn't recieve e-mail about the change, they may try calling up consulate. Be informed beore proceeding.


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        hi Syad,
        Well i am also having it on 25th, i had been waiting for an information from the VFS or the consulate. Was trying to call up the number at Chennai but did not help my self with anykind of info. Finally a few adviced me that if u dont get any call or info from the authority be assured that you would be having the appointment on the same date... this is the information i have and i am just planning to proceed that way only.


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          Hi gkm.
          Infact I didnot receive any communication from them. I think u can go ahead on same day.
          Anyway I have cancelled my appointment due to different reasons.
          I am planning to take up sometime in May.
          All the best and let me know how it goes..