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221(g) in Delhi and VO redirected me to Chennai...Help rquired

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  • 221(g) in Delhi and VO redirected me to Chennai...Help rquired

    Hi Folks,
    I am working in NewDelhi for the last 11 months and i scheduled my appointment in NewDelhi, VO/CO asked me few general questions and few techie questions, then he looked in to my passport and said u'll come under chennai consular district, and suggested me to go there and attend the same without any appointment and issued me 221(g).
    1. VO/CO Retained my DS156 and DS157, Do I need to fill another one if attend the interview in chennai?
    2. I took a DD for 2300 on USEmbassy NewDelhi, does it require to modify it to USConsulate Chennai?
    3.In 221(g) it's clearly mentioned that, ican attend any day 9:00AM to 12:00PM, is it True or any particular day only?

    This particular VO/CO is such a sick officer, before me there were 3 rejections including one F1. He asked
    What is Webserver, diff btw c/c++, what is sql serever....silly questions

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    Just I got (G) on my passport

    Hello Guys,

    I have attended interview for H1B visa stamping at NewDelhi on November 30th 2006. After they reviewed all documents and asked me some technical questions and the they asked me to withdraw application otherwise he is going reject the visa. Then I got scared and I asked him to withdraw. Then he took my passport and HDFC pink Draft and wrote "G" on my last page of passport. There is no wrong with me and even all my experience and all my qualifications are real.

    Can you guys suggest me what I have to do in my sistuation? Anyone go this sistuation. Now H1B processing comapny asking why don't you go for another interview at Chennai and tell them what happend in Delhi. Can I reapply for stamping again. Just I want to know happend in my case.

    Advanced appreciation to you guys.