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Assistance Required - H4 or F1 visa (Which one i should opt)

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  • Assistance Required - H4 or F1 visa (Which one i should opt)


    I am MBA(Finance) with 7+ years of experience.

    My spouse is on H1B visa (valid till 2018) and i do posses B1/B2 visa. In light of this information, i can travel to USA and meet my wife.

    My purpose is to work there and stay with my wife. Now the confusion begins, I can go for H4 visa but i would not be able to work in USA. However, on F1 i can work under OPT & CPT that is what i know as of now. I do not know what are the courses i should join which can help me in getting a job. I do not know the consultants which can help me out. Basically i need an expert advice on this.

    My company is not in a mood to give me an L1 visa. So, the only option left is H4 and F1

    Some are saying go for H4 and then convert it into F1. Some are saying under H4 you have to pay residential fee and taxes which are not there in F1. Therefore, i am in dilemma what should i do and from where i should begin.

    Would really appreciate your expert suggestion(s)

    Thank you very much!