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Change of status from J1 to H1B

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  • Change of status from J1 to H1B

    I am currently working for my employer under J1 status. This is set to expire on June 2016 (a year left). I have already obtained my waiver for 2 year residency. Recently I got a job offer from another employer which is ready to file H1B petition for me. The employer is cap-exempt so no worries about the lottery thing. I am planning for the simple transition from J1 to H1B such as my H1B gets approved and my J1 gets void automatically in next 2-3 months. But I am looking into another situation where I might quit the job or my boss fire me before my H1B gets approved. In the case I know I can't work for either employer. Do I need to leave the country when my J1 is expired (due to firing or leaving the job) and my H1B application is still pending?
    Thank you very much.