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H1b revoked by USCIS after withdrawal by Old employer

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  • H1b revoked by USCIS after withdrawal by Old employer

    My current H1b was sponsored by Employer A valid & stamped till Oct 2015.

    - I accepted new job offer from employer B. Employer B filed H1b transfer petition which was received by USCIS on June 3rd.
    - June 5th (Friday) was last day with Employer A
    - Started working on new job with Employer B from June 8th (Monday)
    - Received update from USCIS on June 30th that H1b from Employer A was revoked

    While all this was happening, I filed for Green card based on marriage through concurrent filing (I-130/ I-485/ I-751/ I-131) which was received by USCIS on June 11th & Bio-metrics appointment on July 6th.

    I have few questions :
    1. Will this affect my green card process?
    2. If I have to leave country, I will need new visa stamp from Employer B or EAD card through I-131 petition to re-enter country?

    Please kindly reply, thank you!

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    Your AoS-pending status precludes the H drama.

    You are fine, do not leave.

    You are not supposed to be working with B yet, since their H transfer has not been approved. But it doesn't matter, all will be forgiven in AoS via marriage


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      I can work for new employer B as long as USCIS confirms they received petition I-129.

      My H1b transfer was file through company attorney - also I transferred my first H1 to employer A and started working on petition receipt without approval - it was approved later with no issues or RFE (I went for stamping and re-entered USA 4 times).