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Does education impacts for H1B visa

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  • Does education impacts for H1B visa


    My profile has been selected in the H1B lottery this year 2015. I did my B.Tech in Biotechnology but am currently working in IT industry and having experience of 4.8years. Please anyone help me whether this should have a cause in the further process. I checked my USCIS status, it is in ‘Received’ case. Will there be any problem beacause of my Biotechnology degree but working in IT industry?

    If my status gets changed to ‘RFE’ because of my educational back ground, what kind of supporting documents should I need to submit to get my VISA processing further?

    Please anyone reply and help me!


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    Further documents needed to decide on your case will be sent to your employer in the RFE packet. My guess is that the employer will need to prove that they have previously hired Biotechnology candidates for their IT project as the job requires candidates with the background. If not, they will need to prove that they did not find any other IT folks for their requirement. Your employer / company attorney will have to handle the RFE.
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