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DS-160 for H4 who is employed in India

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  • DS-160 for H4 who is employed in India


    I am in H1-B valid till July 2016.

    I am working on DS-160 for my fiance who is currently working in India. Our marriage is planned in first week of Nov, 2015 and I wish to bring her along with me in H4. So my desired VISA intw date will be like mid of Nov. Since that is the peak time for VISA application and to make sure I get an appointment on a date I needed, I am planning to submit DS-160 sooner like in August and look for appointment date.

    But the problem is my fiance plans to resign from her employer only by mid of October. So my question is

    1. Can I specify her as currently employed in DS-160 and show the relieving letter (which will have end date as October) at the time of interview if any question asked.
    2. Or, I need to specify unemployed and mention a date which is not in future. This will create problem if relieving letter is asked by VO as the end date will mismatch.
    3. Or, only option is to wait till she resign and submit DS-160 after that. This will put me at risk of not getting the intw on a date I needed.

    Highly appreciate your opinions.