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H1-B Approved-Change of Address - India Travel This Week

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  • H1-B Approved-Change of Address - India Travel This Week

    Hello All,

    My H1-B transfer was approved few months back and I did join my new employer. Now I am going to India and my attorney made me update address in USCIS website by filling up AR11 Form online
    I have filled the form, submitted it and it was successful. But I have query which I want to get clarified

    While filling up the form their is a section in the form "Citizenship" which takes your home country then their is a drop down Your US status. Their are 4 US Status in the drop down "Resident", "Other", "Visitor" and "Student". I selected "Other" options as I am on H1-B. Their is a textbox below the drop down which needs to be filled if you select Other option.
    Now In the textbox I entered text "H1-B - Temporary Worker for specialized occupation" and submitted the form.

    Is this statement fine OR mentioning "NONIMMIGRANT" is mandatory?
    Will this affect my status?
    Will this change my status?
    Will this create any sort of issues for me?

    I am really worried and I have medical situation back in India want to fly this week itself. This tension and worry is causing me lot of problem.

    Please Please Please HELP urgently.


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    This will have no impact. All that they need you to do is to update your current address with USCIS in case you move. Filing AR11 will have no impact on your immigration status.
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