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Gott H1B and H4 But VO kept I797 Notice of Action

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  • Gott H1B and H4 But VO kept I797 Notice of Action

    Hello Guys,
    I gott my H1B and H4 for me and my wife at US consulate Singapore. But VO kept my I797 Notice of Action with him. So my query is,
    Am I suppose to get it back. If I couldn't get hold of it, then is there any future problem. If anybody has knowledge on this please post me reply..
    Thanks, Ravi .

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    please let us know what all questions they asked ???

    please let us know what all questions they asked during interview for Stamping. was it done at Chennai ? would appreciate if you could give more details...


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      Hi rm_72756,
      No I got it at Singapore (US embassy). In singapore lots of Indian applicants getting 221(g) or (G) general review. My interview was roller coster ride. My interview went like this.

      VO: Good morning
      Me: Godd morning!! How r u ?
      VO: I am fine how abt u?
      Me: Doing great.

      VO: (to my wife)Tell me your name and Date of birth
      wife: <name><dob>

      Later he asked me the same question and took index finger print of both of us.

      Then my real roller coster started!!!!
      He was seeing my DS 156 and 157 He said

      I hope you are aware that you need 12 Years of experience for IT position.
      I was shocked listening to dat ;-)... Because I was having just 6+ Yrs of exp..
      I just gave him mum look..I did not gave simple word of explanation...

      VO: Since how long you are in Singapore?
      Me: Oct'2000

      VO: R u Permanent Resident(PR) or Employment pass holder?
      Me: PR.

      VO: Show me ur IC?
      Me: I show him IC...

      VO: Ok show me your Degree Certificate
      Me: gave cert
      VO: Show me your testimonials(marksheets)
      Me: Gave marksheets

      Then again one more blow!!!!!!!!! He said ur qualification is irrelevant to the position...
      I was again shocked.. :-( Because my Engineering Degree was in Mechanical
      Again I gave him the same mum look ...but did not argue anything with him somehow I was feeling that he was just testing my patience.

      VO: From Which college u finished ur education? Which university?
      Me: <College name><University Name>

      VO: Ok your education qualification is irrelevant then show me your work experience certs
      Me: I gave him my all (2) experience certs.

      He didn't look at my India company cert and said as this is from India its of no use....

      Then while going through my certs he asked me about US employer

      VO:For which company you are going to work?
      Me: <US company name>

      VO:What they do?
      Me:<Company into blah blah>

      VO:Tell me few clients of the company?
      Me: Told few names of clients:

      VO: Where are you going to work Client place or at ur company's place?
      Me: I am going to work at company's development center

      VO: Where is this company in US?
      Me: I told him the location

      All the time he was going through his PC screen and was cheking somthing

      VO: For which project you are going to work? Tell me Project details?
      Me: Told him the details...

      VO: Show me some project details
      Me: Gave him project detail hard copy

      VO:So <Client> is going to buy ur product?
      Me: I hope so!! He gave me nice smile

      VO:So where r u going to stay in US?
      Me: Gave him US office service aprtment address

      Then for about 5-6 min he was going thr his PC screen
      and later he apprciated our patience and said
      "!!!!!your Visa has been approved!!!!!!!"

      Then Asked me to pay stamping fees!!
      Me and My wife gott relieved....

      He asked only one question to my wife that is when did u get married?

      So this was our H1B Odyssey.