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F1 to H4 change of status

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  • F1 to H4 change of status


    I moved to US on H-4 and have a valid stamp till January 2016. A few months back I applied for a COS from H-4 to F-1 and now I'm on F-1 with no stamping.

    I have only a couple of months left to find a job. Also, my OPT EAD on F-1 is in progress and would be receiving it on or before 1st October.
    As H-4 option works better for me, I'm planning to go back to H-4 and apply for H-4 EAD. Meanwhile, I'm planning to go to India and come back on H-4. Will it be easy to come back on H-4? Should I submit all documents needed for a new H-4 application and get the visa stamping? Also, the stamping for H-4 that I got in the first place is valid till January 2016. Should I inform the immigration team about my F-1?

    I understand that I'm raising many questions!

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    If your H4 visa is still valid, then leave the country and return back in H4 visa which will put you back on H4 status. Once you are in H4 status, you can apply for H4 EAD (if you qualify). If your H4 visa will be valid as of the date of return, then there is no need to apply for H4 visa stamping again.
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