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here is the format for itinerary of services

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  • here is the format for itinerary of services

    Hi all,

    here is the format for 221g requirement "the itinerary of services... "

    I got this information from one of the forum users (it was really nice of him to send this information by email) who has got his visa successful after submitting the documentation for the same:

    Here i am posting fot the benefit of others who seek the same info,

    A Letter(on Company Letterhead).
    1. This letter had four lines para of companies
    2. Followed by three lines about my credibility for
    the organization.
    3. Then Left Side Clients Name and contact address.
    Right Side Employer Name and Contact Address.
    4. Followed by a tabular(two columns) a. title, b.
    Description. Where 'a' column had Client requirement,
    then Job Description and Start Date. Corresponding to
    each of this there were descriptions.

    My request to forum users who gets visa after 221 g, please post the format of your documentation, as it might be useful for others who are in need of the same info,