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Visitor Visa for Dependent Parents - Before travelling to US

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  • Visitor Visa for Dependent Parents - Before travelling to US


    I have an approved H1-B visa (stamping yet to be done), I would like to take my dependent parents along with me to US. I read that there is no long term dependent visa that can be applied for parents and only visitor visa can to be applied.

    Just wanted to know if
    1) I should apply for their visa when I am here in my home country or should apply for their visa once I settle in US.
    2) Can the validity of visitor visa be less than 6 months?
    3) How easy / difficult it is for extending the visa of my parents for next 6 months (if I have to stay there for an year).

    Related questions have been posted but I couldn't find a definite answer.

    Please suggest on how to proceed.

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    1. Once you settle in US.
    2. Visa validity will be 6 mons. But when they enter in USA they will have I-94 stamp which shows how long they can stay in USA.
    3 YOu should extend their visa only if it is really necessary or for some emergency. If you extend their visa next time if they want to come again it may create some problem.
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