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H4 Documents Confusion

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  • H4 Documents Confusion

    Hi esteemed ImmiHelp forum members,

    My spouse has already left on H1B and my appointment is scheduled 6 months later.

    I am confused regarding the documents I need to take. I am not sure about these:

    1) Do I need the original Form I-797 of my spouse or will a copy do? In case I need the original, is it safe for my spouse to courier it from USA to India?

    2) Do I need the original Form I-129 of my spouse or will a copy do? Even my spouse doesn't have originals as it was submitted to get Form 1-797. What is the course of action in case I need the original Form 1-129?

    3) Do I need the entire Wedding Album or will 1 album of 30 4x6 photograph suffice? The important photographs come to around 30, the rest are guests standing with us for a photograph or eating food. The original 2 albums consists of 300 5x7 photographs.

    4) I have the Original Marriage Certificate here with me but the in the marriage certificate my spouse's last name is different. This is because only after marriage the surname was changed and the new name (i.e., new surname as first name wasn't changed) is reflected on the passport, form 1-129, form I-797 and visa. Any problem in this regard? (Note: I have endorsed my spouse's new name in my passport)

    5) Do I need another copy of my spouse's visa in addition to the full copy of my spouse's passport? As my spouse is already in the USA, do I need the latest copy of the passport with POE stamps or the one with everything except POE stamps do?

    Thanking you all in advance for helping me solve my confusion.