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Query on Filling DS160 for H4 Re-Stamping

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  • Query on Filling DS160 for H4 Re-Stamping


    I was filling my Wife's DS160 when I was stuck with this question.

    There is a question called " have your Visa been ever revoked or Cancelled."

    I was on H1B through employer A and I transfered my Visa to Employer B.

    I had completed my stamping during a visit to india and the Visa is stamped with employer B.

    My petition with employer A was revoked (As i got update on my EAC number stating the "Revocation Notice Was Sent").

    I am applying H4 for my Wife with the new petition and employer. As she went to india before I had transfered my petition.

    Do I need to mention whether the petition was revoked stating the reason while filling DS160 ?

    Note that She did not re-stamp the visa after the extension in previous petition . Her stamped visa end date is Sep 30 2014 and she had travelled back to india after petition extension.


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    The question clearly asks about the petition and not the visa. Also, if you are filling DS160 for your wife, then it means the question is for her and not you. If her visa was revoked or denied anytime by the U.S consulate, then answer YES. If not, answer NO. Do not confuse what happened in your case while filling her application.
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