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H4 passport renewal

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  • H4 passport renewal


    I really need help...I am currently on H4. My passport is getting expired in march 2016. There are people and sites which is confusing me a lot.
    If anyone of you can help me with the fill points.
    1. Is there any specific documents required for passport renewal here in USA(currently onH4). Passport was issued before my marriage.
    2. Is there anything to be taken care of during filling up the form or arranging documents.

    Thanks a lot
    Pls do help

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    Check the below links. It has enough information to help you renew your Indian passport in U.S.
    Not a legal advice. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk.


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      Urgent Need Help with just 1 question


      Indian passport renewal services is just moved from BLS to CKGS in USA

      Im really confused about just 1 questions that is needed to be answered while filling the form for renewal of my wife's passport (she is on H4)

      Question asked on website : Proof of legal status in USA
      Options :
      1. Valid i797
      2. Valid dependent visa

      Scenario : Im on H1b and she is on H4
      both of our stamped visa's were expired in july 2015 but we have new I797 valid till dec 2016

      So im really confused whether to choose option 1 or option 2

      Please help , i appreciate in advance

      Thanks & Regards