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  • Business on an H-1B

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and have a set of questions specifically related to being able to work for a company that I start as an H-1B visa holder.
    Here is my situation: I have a full time H-1B with an employer now and want to not only start my own business but would also like to work and generate income through it.

    1. How many directors would need to comprise the Board?
    2. Do the board of directors have to be PRs or Citizens?
    3. Can a director be another H-1B holder?
    4. Can the H-1B be a part time sponsorship?
    5. What are the limitations around services that may be provided through a headquarters and a satellite office? Does one need an LCA for each location where services will be provided?

    Look forward to some help and advice.